About Selectweb Hosting

Selectweb Hosting is a UK-based provider of premium hosting solutions, specifically engineered to deliver performance and rock-solid reliability combined with excellent support.

Selectweb Hosting was founded in 2009 to satisfy the growing requirement for great hosting. It all started out as a small project but today we're hosting websites for hobbyists, developers, resellers and businesses around the globe that share our passion for excellence.

We're all about making hosting better

Around the globe we host sites for professionals to large businesses, we pride ourselves on providing a rock-solid hosting infrastucture combiined with technical support you can count on.

We continue to invest heavily into new technologies such as cloud servers, storage platforms and IPv6 so that our customers can benefit from emerging and next-generation technology.

Our mission is to be the best at what we do and that will remain at the heart of everything we do.

We care about our customers

Our team consists of the best people, based in the UK that care about each customer. We are passionate about what we do and aim to provide the best technical support.

We invest in the best hardware and facilities

Investing back into our infrastructure enables us to stay ahead of the game and deliver the best stability and most reliable rock-solid hosting at an affordable price point.

We balance the demand

We don't oversell, overload or hammer our network and resources and will always expand our network ahead of capacity to keep things running smoothly.

We keep our promises

We don't make promises we can't keep and one of those is by not providing unlimited storage and bandwidth. If we let everyone else eat all the pie then where's your slice?.

World-Class Data Centres

Our servers are situated in carefully selected data centres which meet or exceed our strong requirements for delivering the best performance, reliability and security.

Premium Connectivity

Our premium multi-homed connectivity provides low latency, high bandwidth and a smooth jitter-free experience for shared hosting, cloud hosting and complex custom hosting requirements.

Premium Network

Our premium network uses flasgship Cisco switching and routing throughout the entire network for the best performance, reliability and stability across all of our platforms.

IPv6 Ready

We're deploying IPv6 connectivity over our network so you'll be ready for the transition to the next generation of connectivity.

Best in Class Facilities

Our specially chosen facilities provide excellent redundancy, connectivity, security and efficiency.